Understanding Amazon's Ships in Product Packaging (SIPP) Program

Amazon's SIPP Program Explained: Streamlining E-Commerce Packaging

In the world of e-commerce, efficiency and sustainability are key factors that drive business success and customer satisfaction. One initiative that stands out in this realm is Amazon's Ships in Product Packaging (SIPP) program. This program is designed to streamline packaging, reduce waste, and enhance the overall customer experience.

What is the SIPP Program?

The Ships in Product Packaging (SIPP) program by Amazon is an innovative approach to packaging and shipping products. Instead of using an additional shipping box, products are shipped in their original manufacturer's packaging. This method not only reduces material waste but also simplifies the unpacking process for customers.

Amazon's SIPP Program

Benefits of SIPP

1. Environmental Sustainability: By eliminating extra packaging, the SIPP program significantly reduces waste and environmental impact. This aligns with Amazon's commitment to sustainability and responsible resource usage.

2. Cost-Effectiveness: Reducing packaging materials also cuts down on shipping costs for both Amazon and its suppliers. This cost-saving can potentially be passed on to consumers.

3. Customer Convenience: Customers benefit from less packaging to dispose of, making the unboxing experience more straightforward and enjoyable.

How It Works

When a product is part of the SIPP program, it is shipped in its original packaging, which is designed to be secure enough for transit. Amazon identifies products that are suitable for this program based on their packaging strength, size, and the nature of the item.

Challenges and Solutions

While the SIPP program offers numerous benefits, it also presents challenges such as:

- Privacy Concerns: Products shipped in their original packaging might reveal their contents, posing a privacy issue for some customers. Amazon addresses this by giving customers the option to choose traditional shipping methods if privacy is a concern.

- Damage Risk: Original packaging may not always be designed for the rigors of shipping. Amazon works closely with manufacturers to ensure that SIPP-eligible packaging is robust and secure.

Amazon's SIPP Program: Your Questions Answered

1. Understanding SIPP vs. SIOC: SIPP, previously known as SIOC, is the latest terminology reflecting the program's objectives more clearly.

2. SIPP Enrollment for European Sellers: Expected to open in 2024, European sellers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK can participate in SIPP.

3. Customer Notification for SIPP Shipments: When purchasing SIPP-certified products, customers receive a notification at checkout and have the choice to opt for additional Amazon packaging.

4. Criteria for SIPP Eligibility: Products that comply with SIPP standards and are sold in select marketplaces are eligible for SIPP certification.

5. Testing Process for Multiple ASIN Variations: A single test report can certify similar ASINs, streamlining the certification process.

6. Impact of SIPP on FBA Fees: FBA fulfillment fees vary by product size and weight, with discounts available for SIPP-certified items.

7. Packaging and Shipping Standards for SIPP Products: SIPP-certified products must adhere to specific packaging guidelines, including an external scannable label, while shipping requirements remain consistent.

8. SIPP's Relationship with the Climate Pledge Friendly Program: SIPP certification is separate from the Climate Pledge Friendly program, which has its distinct set of criteria.


Amazon's Ships in Product Packaging program is a forward-thinking initiative that aligns with the modern push towards sustainability and efficiency in e-commerce. By reducing waste, lowering costs, and enhancing customer experiences, the SIPP program stands as a testament to Amazon's innovative approach to business and environmental responsibility.


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Written by Ryan Cramer - The main guy for Marketing & Growth at Frisbi