Everything you need to go global is right here

We do all the heavy-lifting so you can successfully sell across the world.
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Shipment Tracking

Never wonder where your shipments are again

Choose map or list view to track the status of all your active shipments in real-time.

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Manage Shipping

Make smarter shipping choices

Frisbi360™'s shipping recommendations show you side-by-side comparisons of available carriers and shipping methods. So you can make efficient and cost-effective decisions every step of the way.

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Calculate costs

See where you’ll profit most

Frisbi360™'s 3 AI-powered calculators give you a clear picture of the costs, taxes, and profitability of shipping to different countries—before you spend a cent. Because successful expansion is based on data, not on luck.

Process Checklist Screenshot

Process Checklist

Follow a clear shipping process

Don’t worry about overlooking anything. Frisbi360™'s clear-cut outlined process, from the initial shipment creation to compliance requirements, ensures every shipment is completed in its entirety.

Even more features to simplify your expansion

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    Amazon integration

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    Return portal

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    Checklist of tasks for each shipment

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    Built-in customer support

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      Document management

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      Label creation

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      Commercial invoice generation

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      Frisbi tips for each shipment

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      Multiple onboarding options

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      Detailed reports

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      Clear billing

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      Customized accounts