The e-commerce growth forecast in Canada is looking very positive. 29 million Canadian online shoppers contribute to a projected e-commerce revenue of $90.59B by 2025!

We’ll help you expand to Canada with:


Our compliance team will get you the approvals you need to sell your products in Canada.

NRI/Business Number Registration

We will get you registered with a Non-Resident Importer Registration Number.

UPS Brokerage Account

Our team will set you up with a UPS brokerage account (which is required for product customs clearance).

Tax registration is required once you reach 30,000 CAD in global Amazon sales.

Canadian Tax Registration

We partner with Canadian tax experts to assist you with Canadian tax registration

, filing, and payment.


We have longstanding relationships with DHL, UPS, and FedEx and secure the steepest shipping discounts for our customers. We also offer exclusive trucking services to Canada.

Which channel do you want to sell through?


Create your work order in Amazon Seller Central

  • You will obtain the fulfillment center address that Amazon wants you to ship to.

  • Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to create your work order.


Set up your free Frisbi360™ account

  • All Amazon addresses are pre-installed into your account.

  • A commercial invoice is generated along with the shipment once you enter the value and description.

  • The correct IOR will automatically show up on the commercial invoice.

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