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As your trusted expansion team, we do all the heavy-lifting so you can successfully sell across the globe.

Everything you need to go global is right here

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Personal specialist

Talk to an actual human about growing your international brand. Book a quick meeting here.

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Our compliance team helps you obtain all necessary approvals to expand to global markets.

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Tax registration

We will introduce you to our trusted worldwide partners who will assist you with tax registration and filing.

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We have longstanding relationships with DHL, UPS, and FedEx and secure the steepest shipping discounts for our customers. We cut through the red tape so that you can focus on selling.

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We provide Importer of Record services so you can grow your
e-commerce business to more countries, marketplaces, and beyond.

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Border clearance

Our clearance team will monitor your shipment, ensuring it reaches its destination. If a shipment gets held up at customs, we provide the necessary info to your carrier to get your shipment cleared ASAP.

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We offer international return solutions, saving you time, money, and the headache of managing overseas returns.

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Trucking is a cost-effective option when shipping domestically and to Canada. Our trucking services include LTL/TL, NRI/brokerage, and partnership with third-party TMS software, GlobalTranz.

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"Frisbi has played an instrumental role in our Amazon FBA international expansion strategy. Their team has helped us launch and scale in Canada as well as Mexico with LTL and Full Truckload shipments. Honest, reliable and A+ quality team at Frisbi."

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