AI, Amazon, and You: A Winning Combination for E-Commerce Success

March 1, 2023

As an Amazon seller, you are likely aware of the importance of staying ahead of the competition and finding new ways to optimize your sales strategies.

That's where AI comes in. By leveraging the power of AI, you can improve your pricing and inventory management, offer better product recommendations to your customers, and streamline your data analysis.

In this webinar, Ryan Cramer (Frisbi) and Chad Rubin (Profasee) will explore the benefits of using AI for Amazon sales and share real-life examples of how sellers have successfully implemented these solutions. You will also learn about the tools and technologies available for Amazon sellers and receive practical advice for implementing these solutions effectively.

They discussed:

- AI World Overview

- Rise of the Algorithmic Brands

- Pricing with AI (Why it's wrong, why it's hard)

- Manual vs Automatic tools

- Common Misconceptions of the Pricing game (inflation, cost rising)

- AI and the affect on Global Currency